Tang Award for Chinese Materia Medica Development

These awards are to promote the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) by encouraging the creativity and diligence of scientists and technicians. The awards are given by the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences with the financial support of the Foundation. Two winners are selected bi-annually, one for research in TCM fundamentals, and the other for research into TCM applications. Candidates are recommended based on peer review and have to be nationally recognized for recent research achievements. Each award is accompanied by a prize of Rmb 200,000 – the largest of its kind in China. The first awards were given in 2005.

2005 prize winners: Academician Chen Keji (left), Academician Wang Yongyan (right)
2007 prize winners: Academicians Peigen Xiao (Second from left), Lianda Li (Third from left)
2009 prize winners: Academicians Youyou Tu (First from right), Zhibi Hu (Second from right)
2011 prize winners:Academicians Weishan Zhou (Left), Tingliang Jiang (Right)