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Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (Advancing Justice – LA), formerly the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, is the nation’s largest legal and civil rights organization for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (NHPI).

Founded in 1983 as the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, Advancing Justice – LA serves more than 15,000 individuals and organizations every year. Through direct services, impact litigation, policy advocacy, leadership development, and capacity building, Advancing Justice – LA focuses on the most vulnerable members of Asian American and NHPI communities while also building a strong voice for civil rights and social justice.

Advancing Justice – LA is based in downtown Los Angeles, with satellite offices in Orange County and Sacramento.

The Foundation maintains an on-going funding arrangement to Advancing Justice – LA for the past nine years, with $700,000 disbursed to date. The funds were applied to support Advancing Justice – LA’s various voter/voting programs. These programs include voter and demographics research and analysis, poll monitoring, accuracy of vote and census counts, non-partisan voter education, registration and mobilization, and the publications relating to these activities.

These Foundation-supported data were effectively utilized to help in the drawing of eleven districts for the California State Assembly. As a result, and for the first time in the state’s history, a record eight Asian-American state legislators were elected. Also Advancing Justice – LA’s voter information has been used in the US Senate to successfully advocate for the re-authorization of language assistance provisions in the Voting Rights Act. In addition, the US Census Bureau has designated Advancing Justice – LA as an official Census Information Center, recognizing Advancing Justice – LA’s significant role in disseminating information and providing necessary technical assistance regarding census data. Other institutions, organizations and peer groups have regarded Advancing Justice – LA as a reliable source for demographic research information.

In 1999, the Foundation arranged a loan to Advancing Justice – LA for the purchase of an office building. The acquisition gives Advancing Justice – LA more visibility and the ability to consolidate its various project offices under one roof. The additional space also allows the organization to expand its activities in an efficient manner.

Vision 21

This is a community-service program which is a collaborative effort of a number of Asian community organizations, of which Advancing Justice – LA is one. Vision 21 activities are directed specifically at voter issues, including non-partisan voter education, registration, translator assistance at voting sites, translations of voting regulations, etc. Between 1997 and 2001, the Foundation has provided funding to help set up this program.

1145 Wilshire Blvd., Second Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

(213) 977-7500 Fax: (213) 977-7595

Publications by Advancing Justice – LA supported by the Cyrus Chung Ying Tang Foundation



May 2007 Asian Americans at the Ballot Box: The 2006 General Election in Los Angeles County
Jun. 2006 Asian Americans at the Ballot Box: The 2004 General Election Growing Voter Participation in Southern California
Feb. 2006 California Speaks: Language Diversity and English Proficiency by Legislative District
Feb. 2006 A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States
Feb. 2005 The Diverse Face of Asians and Pacific Islanders in California
Feb. 2005 The Diverse Face of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Orange County
Feb. 2005 The Diverse Face of Asians and Pacific Islanders in San Diego County
Jul. 2004 From Immigration to Representation: Citizenship, Voter Registration, and Turnout among Asian Americans in Southern California
Feb. 2004 The Diverse Face of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles County: Asian & Pacific Islander Demographic Profile
Nov. 2003 Asian Americans and California’s 2002 General Election: Findings from the November 2002 Southern California Voter Survey
Apr. 2003 Asian Language Minority Groups: Examining the 2002 Determination of Coverage Under Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act
Mar. 2002 Estimating the Geographic Distribution of Undercounted Populations and Their Impact on the 2002 Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Process
Nov. 2001 Findings from the November 2000 Southern California Voter Survey
Sep. 2000 Survey Says…A Report of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center’s Exit Poll Project (March 2000 Elections) (with Vision 21)
Sep. 1999 March 1999 Southern California Voter Survey Report (with Vision 21)
May 1999 November 1998 Southern California Voter Survey Report (with Vision 21)
Dec. 1998 June 1998 Exit Poll Report: Chinese American Voting Behavior in Los Angeles County (with Vision 21)

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