Conferences are held on alternate years and are attended by representatives selected from every university participating in the CT Scholarship program. The universities take turns organizing this event. The representatives from each institution will report on the results of the past two years, discuss lessons learned, and recommend enhancements to future activities.

2010 Conference – Xi’an Jiaotong University

The Sixth Annual CT Scholarship Conference was hosted by/held at Xi’an Jiaotong University from October 2 through October 5, 2010. Participants were deeply appreciative of Mr Cyrus Tang’s continued attendance for these occasions. One could also hear strains the Foundation Song “We Are One Caring Family” throughout the conference hall.

Major topics covered in this conference:

1) Review and discussion of the revised policy on the selection process of CT Scholarship volunteers and the scoring system (for social works performed).

2) Review and discussion on strengthening the internal structure of each CaringHeart Club, the creativity and thoroughness of its activities, and the communication flow and exchange of ideas among the members, all of which should result in collective improvement.

3) Exchange of ideas among Club members on the mechanics of the Community Assistance Fund, its policies and parameters, and to determine how the Fund can best be put to use to advance more meaningful, more effective activities for the benefit of society.

4) Establishment of a platform for CaringHeart Scholarship recipients to exchange ideas and experiences from their Big Brother Big Sister activities, and to explore new and creative activities resulting from these experiences.

5) Enhancement of ways and means for former scholarship recipients to maintain contact with one another and with the Foundation.

2008 Fifth Conference – Tsinghua University

The fifth conference of the C T Scholarship Award took place from Oct 2, 2008 through Oct 5, 2008. Over 400 representatives from 19 universities and Wujiang were present for the event. The participants were deeply moved to see Mr. Cyrus Tang who made the arduous journey to attend in spite of his illness. The main topics for this conference included:
(1) Increased exchange of information among the various university organizations on their community assistance programs to enhance future activities
(2) Discussion on how best to utilize the CT Scholarship Community Assistance Fund so that the funds made be applied towards more meaningful, effective and novel endeavours
(3) Increased coordination with the CompassionateHeart Scholarship teams in carrying out Big Brother Big Sister activities
(4) Solicit suggestions for a Foundation song
(5) Discussions on how to publicize the Foundation by encouraging visits to the website

2006 Conference – Nanjing University

The fourth conference was held Oct 2-5, with 320 representatives from 18 universities and Wujiang City. This conference was all the more memorable due to Mr. Cyrus Tang’s continued attendance despite his recent illness. Major discussion topics:

(1) The “Cyrus Tang Scholarship” was changed to “Cyrus Tang Scholarship for Personal Development and Community Service”. The change was to clarify and to reinforce the Foundation’s philosophy on character development and civic-mindedness.
(2) A more effective application of the Community Assistance Fund program.
(3) A review and critique of the “Pass The Torch” Rural Educational Assistance Program results to date, and to explore areas of improvement for the various aid schemes.
(4) It was determined that not all universities were able to fully participate in the “Pass The Torch” Rural Educational Assistance Program. The Foundation has decided to gradually introduce the Cyrus Tang CompassionateHeart Scholarship in disadvantaged rural areas to provide a new platform for the scholarship recipients to expand their community service work.

2004 Conference – Zhejiang University

The third conference were held October 2-4. Fifteen universities and Wujiang city participated with 427 representatives. Major discussion topics:


(1) To reinforce the philosophy of the Foundation, the Mission Statement is established as “The best kind of giving is that which inspires others to do the same”.
(2) The Foundation will launch the “Pass The Torch” Rural Educational Assistance Program. This program is designed to enhance the quality of life and to strengthen the spirit of civic-mindedness of people in poverty-stricken areas. The universities are encouraged to employ their expertise and send teams to provide tutorial assistance, medical treatment, legal aid, etc, to these places. Scholarship recipients will form the core of these volunteer groups.
(3) A number of former scholarship recipients have since gone on to graduate schools, or have joined the workforce. Some of these past recipients from the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai area have formed the nucleus group of the East China Chapter of the Cyrus Tang Foundation Alumni Club. The club holds regular meetings, maintains contact among members, and continues to actively participate in the Foundation’s various community services.
(4) In order to lessen the universities’ burden of organizing the conferences, representatives shall not exceed 350 people in the future.


2002 Conference – Soochow University

The second conference was held October 2-4. Over three hundred representatives from 12 universities and Wujiang City attended. Major discussion topics:

(1) Review and critique of the 2000-2002 activities of each CaringHeart Club so that future activities may produce improved results.
(2) Provide assistance to needy students at selected CTF Primary Schools. By utilizing the Foundation’s administrative resources, scholarship recipients were able to develop a “Big Brother Big Sister” program. Scholarship recipients will “adopt” disadvantaged children and support their educational needs. In addition to soliciting donations to defray the children’s schooling expenses, the “Big Brother Big Sister” will also be a mentor to, and maintain contact with, the children throughout their primary school years.
(3) Students who were awarded CT Scholarships throughout their entire undergraduate years will receive a special Certificate of Merit from the Foundation. The significance of this award is recognized by universities in China. Deserving students whose scholarships were discontinued because of improved financial circumstances, or who had voluntarily withdrawn from the program for other reasons, are also eligible for this Certificate.


2000 First Conference – Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The first conference was held October 2-4 and was attended by 250 representatives from eleven universities and Wujiang City. Major discussion topics:
(1) The “Cyrus Tang Financial Assistance Award” was changed to “Cyrus Tang Scholarship”. The scholarship is awarded to needy university students who demonstrate moral conduct, public spirit and academic excellence.
(2) The scholarship recipients of each university will form its own CaringHeart Club. These clubs will be the primary vehicle for the Foundation’s mission of community service. All such activities will carry with them the common symbol “CTF”.
(3) Future conferences will be held every other year, with all universities taking turns as organizers. Each university will send representatives to the conferences.
(4) The Foundation will set up an office in China to serve as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas and to co-ordinate activities.
(5) A Foundation website will be created to serve as a communications platform for interchanges among professors and students at participating universities.