Cyrus Tang Fund For The Promotion Of Leadership Training – Tsinghua University

This fund is established jointly by the Cyrus Tang Foundation and the Tsinghua University Education Foundation.  Its purpose is to support the university’s efforts to effectively train students for eventual leadership roles in government.  The fund emphasizes the following programs to train students who have been identified as having leadership potential:

1) Seek out and support students who are currently engaged in community work, who have shown interest in public service, and who are strong advocates of social responsibility.  The fund will help strengthen and sustain their endeavors.
2) Provide the students with a curriculum in public administration, and to help them acquire experience and skills necessary for this field of work.  This will give the students a solid grounding for eventual public service and train them to become outstanding government leaders.
3) Arrange internships for students with various government departments and enterprises, thereby providing the former with a preliminary familiarization and an understanding of government processes and operations.  This will enhance the students’ ability and preparation for taking on future administrative responsibilities in government.
4) Reinforce the concepts of ethical conduct, of honesty, integrity, and adherence to principles; to foster the habit of challenging oneself, and to maintain an open mind and reasoned approach to resolving issues.  To instill a strong sense of responsibility to the nation and to society.  To encourage students to be caring and considerate, and to develop a willingness to perform community services.

The Cyrus Tang Foundation and Tsinghua University have set up a management committee to oversee the operation of the fund.  The members of the committee will meet periodically to review the Fund’s management, its application, and other significant issues relating to its administration.  At present Tsinghua University has already set up a preliminary program under this Fund which sets out principles and procedures for identifying and training potential candidates.  The training programs will match groups of students with various academic and business resources, and will include formal education, mentoring, and internships.  Through these programs, students will have gained a deeper understanding of Chinese history, cultural heritage, and of the current state of the nation.  They will have acquired basic management skills, a fundamental comprehension of the workings of government, and a deeper understanding of international issues.

Cyrus Tang Development Program For Talented Students – Xi’an Jiaotong University

This university program is sponsored by an endowment from the Cyrus Tang Foundation.  The program seeks to devise new techniques for the development of talented students, and raise overall academic level of the university such that the basic science disciplines are at parity with renowned international institutions, and top level scientists and engineers are developed in the engineering and technological science area who can compete in the global arena.  Funds from the Foundation will be directed primarily towards developing international student exchanges and cross-border teamwork, hiring of foreign professors, creation of a superior-level program in experimental physics, construction of a building to house basic science classrooms and laboratories, and establishment of specific scholarships for top performance students.

Cyrus Tang Research And Development Center For Engineering Applications – Xi’an University of Science and Technology

One of the distinguishing attributes of this university is its emphasis on developing high caliber personnel who can produce novel ideas and practical applications for them.  The Xi’an University of Technology Engineering Training Center is a comprehensive research and development/experimental center which offers integrated facilities for students from various engineering disciplines.  The students will benefit from a broader learning experience through a unique environment of actual engineering work coupled with academic studies.  This center was designed in 2007 by the Ministry of Education as a national-level research institute, and currently serves as an important model for institutes of applied engineering at universities in China.

In May 2011, after a series of discussions with the University, the Foundation entered into an agreement to partner with the Engineering Training Center to establish the Cyrus Tang Research And Development Center For Engineering Applications.  The project, which will be funded by the Central and local governments, the Foundation, and the University, is schedule to commence in a year’s time.  The funds will be used for expanding existing plant and equipment, and for teaching facilities for mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, and for engineering design and application studies.  The funds will also be used to set up new facilities for electronics, electronic engineering, automation technology, and analytical and testing systems.  The intention is to enhance students’ exposure to additional areas of practical engineering and to increase their proficiency in  engineering design, application and problem solving.


Cyrus Tang Center For Applied Research In Sensor Materials – Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University received considerable support from the Foundation to establish the Center in 2010.  This facility incorporates four national key (educational) study disciplines – materials science and engineering, (applied) computer technology, communications and information systems, and chemistry – to create platforms of study and to encourage students to attain new areas of expertise.  It will conduct research into the syntheses and characterization of sensor materials, fabrication and analyses of sensors, and applications of sensors in micro-sensor transmission devices, also known as internet of things.

The Center will focus on the research of new generations of sensor materials.  It will examine how their composition, microstructure and properties relate to one another.  The work will also involve the design and synthesis of advanced high-performance yet cost-effective sensors, and the development of new applications for their use in the internet of things.  Work at the Center will greatly contribute to the development of advanced, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient materials for use in future generations of information technology; all of which will enable business ventures to expand into new markets.


Cyrus Tang Research Center For Smart Grid Applications – Zhejiang University

The Research Center was established in 2010 and is affiliated with Zhejiang University’s College of Electrical Engineering.  The Center’s research program is designated as a National Level 1 Key Program, strongly supported by four other Level 1 programs and involves collaborative effort with the College of Mechanical Engineering and other disciplines.  Since its establishment the Center is currently engaged in research work in a National 863 Key Project – Research into new technologies for renewable energy sources for insular communities.  The vital assistance provided by the Cyrus Tang Foundation will enable the Center to focus on studying key smart grid systems and conduct core research and development on breakthrough technologies for insular microgrid structures.

The Center will study novel energy sources such as wind, solar, and stored energy as a means to supply power to insular communities.  It will conduct intensive research into technologies relating to energy storage,  power generation and distribution level controls, and into the link-up of various energy sources to provide efficient, reliable, economical, and sustainable power production and distribution, and with the power plants occupyiing less physical space.

A team will be based on Zhairuoshan Island, Zhoushan City, to conduct research into these new renewable energy sources.  The next phase will be to study the viability of commercial production.  If successful, we will then seek out quality domestic manufacturers to produce the necessary components.  Thus we will in stages develop new proprietary technologies for hybrid power generation for insular and remote communities as well as new production methods for smart electrical grids.

The increased power availability will stimulate economic development and enable these remote areas to draw closer to the prosperity levels of the mainland.  The research will also advance our understanding and work in the areas of hybrid or multi-energy management and power generation, and also microgrid technologies.

Shanghai Cherished Dream Charity Foundation – “Dream Centers”

The “Dream Centers” is a program concept developed and administered by the Shanghai Cherished Dream Charity Foundation and is a community-oriented activity to enhance education quality in rural areas.  In 2010, the Cyrus Tang Foundation provided funding for ten additional “Dream Rooms”, one in each of ten primary and middle schools in Shaanxi Province.

A “Dream Room” is a designated classroom or library in certain rural schools which are equipped with uniform multimedia facilities and training materials.  The purpose of these Rooms is to utilize a common platform to provide systemized and comprehensive training to rural schoolteachers.  The program will include such topics as juvenile psychology, personal financial management, entrepreneurship, social networking, blogs, and other IT applications, etc.  Training sessions will include role-playing, guest lectures, and discussion forum.  Teachers will receive continuing support to their professional development, and a point scoring system will be used to encourage their efforts to excel.


Cyrus Tang Fund for the Development of Future Educators/to Nurture Future Educators – Beijing Normal University

The teacher forms the base of an education system; and an effective teacher provides the foundation of an effective education.  One of the basic requirements of a prosperous and thriving society is a robust education system; and that system depends on having good teachers to make it function effectively.  The promotion of teachers-training institutes is an essential part of this national education strategy, and free tuition programs for selected students become an important component because these future graduates are part of the life blood of profession.  These students, upon graduation, will be assigned to teach in areas where their skills are most needed, thereby providing an effective and direct enhancement to education standards and to the betterment of the nation.  Beijing Normal University has been considered the cradle for producing highly skilled teaching professionals; and ever since it embraced the free tuition program in 2007, it has unhesitatingly took on the heavy responsibility of nurturing these aspiring teachers.

In November 2011, the Foundation made a donation to Beijing Normal University to set up the Cyrus Tang Fund for the Development of Future Educators.  This Fund is directed towards students who are enrolled in the University’s tuition-free program and will cover expenses relating to four areas in support of the development of these student teachers:    1) guest lectures from noted educators, 2) teaching internships, 3) specialized studies and other programs for the continued professional development of graduates, and 4) financial assistance/scholarships for teachers who wish to return to pursue advanced degrees.

Thus the Fund will provide continuous assistance to a student teacher’s educational process, beginning at the college level, through graduate work and internship, and to their post-graduate professional development.  This Fund will greatly contribute towards the development of future generations of educators by providing them with a solid foundation, superior skill-set, creative spirit, and forward-looking attitude; all of which are necessary to the country’s objective  to improve living conditions through raising of education standards.