Medical Facilities

In 2000, the Foundation donated a Computerized Tomography (CT) machine to Wujiang Red Cross Hospital. This state-of-the-art machine is a significant improvement over the existing equipment, and will be an enhancement to hospital services. The Foundation also provided facilities and equipment of international standards for eight operating theaters.


Jiangsu Shengze Hospital

Shengze Township has traditionally been the economic center of Wujiang City. However, despite its importance, there was only one old hospital with outdated equipment to care for its residents. In 2006, the Foundation provided Rmb 60 million funding for the construction and equipping of a new 500-bed facility. Ground-breaking took place in June 2007. Once completed, this hospital will greatly enhance the quality of medical services in Shengze and the neighboring communities.

Cyrus Tang Research Fund – Tsinghua University

The Foundation devotes considerable efforts to the advancement of medical education in China. Tsinghua University‟s First Hospital has performed important work in the area of cardiac research. The Foundation and the University has each provided funds to establish the “Cyrus Tang Medical Research Fund”. The funds will be used to support the University‟s researches in applications of various medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. Through the judicious application of the Fund, Mr Tang believes that the University will continue to make ever more contributions to medicine and in time, the Cardiac Centre may be elevated to a world-class research institution.

The Cyrus Tang Hematology Center – Soochow University

The Cyrus Tang Hematology Center was founded at Soochow University with the support of the Cyrus Tang Foundation of the United States and the Jiangsu Provincial Government Together with the Key Laboratory of Thrombosis and Hemostasis under Ministry of Health and the Jiangsu Institute of Hematology, the center will serve as a state-of-the-art platform for research and technological innovation in hematology, a nationally recognized field of study at Soochow University.

The purpose of the Cyrus Tang Hematology Center is to conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of thrombosis, hemostasis, vascular biology, hematopoietic stem cell biology, leukemia and other hematological disorders. The Tang Center will also serve as a national center of excellence and a training ground for new generations of leading hematologists in China.

The construction of the Center began in October 2008. With the first phase of laboratory space renovation completed in March 2009 and the official opening held on November 26, 2009, the center is now in full operation.

Tang Zhongying Osteoporosis Research Center – Soochow University First Affiliated Hospital

November 2009, the Foundation joined with the Soochow University First Affiliated Hospital to establish the Tang Zhongying Osteoporosis Research Center. The Center’s core activity will be the study and treatment of osteoporosis. The work will be based on incorporating various related fields – bone formation, structure and mechanics, bone chemistry, osteophysiology, osteoclasty, and their associated clinical sciences. This research methodology forms the basis for an approach to disease prevention and treatment known as “translational medicine”. This is an emerging concept adopted by many countries to meet patients’ needs in a more effective manner. The Center will become an integrated institution by bringing together its fields of research with academics and clinical trials. The integrated research inputs from various disciplines will create new technologies and a holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and related bone diseases.

Virtual Reality Clinical Skills Training Laboratory – Sichuan University

In May 2011, The Foundation assisted Sichuan University in establishing the Virtual Reality Clinical Skills Training Laboratory. This laboratory project is an integral part of Sichuan University’s West China School of Medicine and West China Hospital. The Laboratory is designed to elevate teaching quality and training levels, and to develop high caliber medical practitioners. This objective is in keeping with the Sichuan Provincial Government’s directive to elevate tertiary education standards and enhance student development potential.

Virtual reality processes have become an important part of modern medical education and training. These processes enhance clinical application and expand and complement medical theory by allowing students and practitioners to have a safe environment for advanced medical study and practice. The Laboratory will provide breakthrough training methods and higher levels of medical education, and will advance the skill sets of medical practitioners to better serve the public.